About Rana Zand SoCal Real Estate Expert

Rana Zand | MBA | OC Realtor ®

As far back as we can think it has been the same, one of the key components to life has been to find shelter for your family. In this day and age, we have Realtors to help you find your very own version of an epic “cave”. That is why I feel so passionately about this career; because ever since there was life walking on this Earth, there has been a piece of real estate each living thing called its own home.

I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that our world is essentially divided up by lines and borders, and each one of us has a right to own a small piece of this beautiful planet’s divided lands, and call it our own. I feel honored that I can call a piece of this beautiful Earth my own, and to be able to possess my very own form of shelter on it: a roof over my head. And I want to help people obtain their own pieces of this beautiful Earth, and be able to provide their own shelters for their families by building houses in to homes.

I am excited and eager to create professional relationships with my clients. I know that I am a genuine and passionate Realtor, and soon you will know that too. I find happiness in helping people make a house into a home, and I would love to help you find the next place you will call your, Home. I service all Orange County, Dana Point, Newport, Laguna, Southern California, (So Cal) areas.

A Little About Me...

I am always here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have, and create an effective solution to your Real Estate wants & needs.

I’ve graduated my Masters in Business Administration (MBA), with an emphasis in International Business in 2010, from the University of Redlands. And before that, I obtained my Bachelors of Science (BS) in Business Development in 2008, from the University of California, Riverside. I was awarded the Whitehead Leadership Society Award in 2011, while obtaining my post graduate degree. I am bilingual in both English and Farsi (Persian).
Career Before becoming a full-time Realtor, I worked for a Computer Science firm as their Technical Client Account Manager. There, I learned the rudimentary ins and outs of the world of technology and code. While adhering to each client’s necessities daily; whether that was a technical issue with their service, which I would need to dissect and delegate to the proper web developer, or an upgrade to their service, which could implement a new project for my team. Before that, I worked as a Client Services Manager for an Inflight Entertainment company. My clients were international airlines, and I was the client of WB, Fox, Disney, Universal, etc. I would provide their movies & TV shows to my clients, as their inflight entertainment for their passengers, after learning each country’s religious and cultural beliefs and screening the movies to reflect them. My previous positions have laid a foundation of experience in building strong relationships with my clients. And my Real Estate career has allowed me to expand on that, and lay the concrete, slab, and construct the beams 😉.
And I’ve also been involved with animal rescue. I am proud to say I was able to find 8 abandoned dogs & 3 cats loving homes, thus far. And I strive to do more good. My favorite food is sushi! And of course Mediterranean cuisine. I enjoy mountain bike riding, snowboarding, reading, traveling, ADVENTURES, spending time with family, friends, fur babies & my husband. And that’s just a little about me. Check out my Real Estate Articles, Facebook & Instagram.