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Rana Crystal Zand

Hello, My name is Rana Crystal Zand...

Let’s see, a few things about myself: I have obtained my Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in International Affairs from the University of Redlands. I have worked the past year at a Computer Science firm as their Technical Account Manager. And before that I was an Account Manager for an Inflight Entertainment company based in Irvine, Ca.

I have always been in positions where I am helping people and providing them with the best service I can on behalf of a company. Now, I am the company, so you can imagine how passionate I am towards building genuine relationships with my own clients. I have always enjoyed being a trustworthy and reliable source for people to depend on. I always tell the truth and I will always have every one of my clients’ best interests at heart.

As far back as you can think it has always been the same. One of the key components to life has been to find shelter for your family. Nowadays, you can have a helpful Realtor to find you your very own version of an epic “cave”. That is why I feel so passionately about this career. Because since there was life walking on this Earth, there has been a piece of Real Estate each living thing called its own Home.

I service Orange County

& surrounding areas

I can help you achieve your dreams

I assist with Real Estate transactions in Orange County, CA as well as the following surrounding areas;

  • Foothill Ranch
  • Lake Forest
  • Rancho Santa Margarita
  • Mission Viejo
  • Aliso Viejo
  • Irvine
  • Newport Beach
  • Laguna Beach
  • Huntington Beach
  • San Clemente
  • Costa Mesa
  • Orange
  • Dana Point
  • Laguna Niguel
  • Laguna Hills
  • Santa Ana
  • Garden Grove
  • Tustin
  • San Diego   
  • Los Angeles

Also, I am bilingual in both English and Farsi (Persian). My favorite food is sushi! And of course Mediterranean cuisine. My hobbies are avid mountain bike riding, along with reading, snowboarding, and going on as many adventures as I can in my spare time. I am originally from Riverside, Ca so I also like to go back and visit my family. I have been married to my awesome Husband since November 6th, 2016 and we have since started our own little family. Just to give you a little insight into my life too.

I am excited and eager to create professional relationships with my clients. I know I am a passionate and genuine Realtor, and soon you will know that about me too. I find happiness in helping people make a house into a home, and I would love to help you find the next place you will call, “Home”.

I have continuously been fascinated by the fact that our world is essentially divided up by borders and margins and each one of us has a right to own a small piece of this world’s divided lands and call it our own. I feel honored to call a piece of this beautiful Earth my own, and to be able to possess my own form of shelter on it, a roof over my head. And I want to help people obtain their own pieces of this beautiful Earth, and be able to provide their own shelters for their families, and build houses into Homes.

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